I gave my self permission to start a new project, even though I have one quilt still needing a fix.

I am a pre-cut girl.  I love my Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes.  Currently, I have 2 Jelly Rolls and 7 Layer Cakes.  I decided a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop, All In Good Time.

I had to run to my local quilt shop to buy some thread for another project.  It is a very small shop and the girl was helping a woman with fabric for a QOV quilt.  So I just waited until they were done to pay for my thread.  Of course, to pass the time, I looked at the fabrics.  For a small shop they really have a nice variety of pre-cuts.  I guess I was meant to buy another layer cake.  I should learn it is dangerous to look at cakes, fabric or sweet.  They both stick with you.

Picked up a layer cake of Kate Spain Aria.  It is so springy looking.

Time for cutting the layer cake and putting it back together.


I have my hourglass blocks together now it is time to lay them out.



I finished my Purple Diamonds and washed it up.  I was folding it to package it up and send out.  I found this



Yikes, obviously my seam wasn’t good.   What can I do to fix it?

There are a few lessons for me to learn here:

  1.  Make sure your seams are accurrate on each block
  2. How to fix a seam that was too small


Who can tell me how to fix this seam?  It is only one block.


My husband said to me the other day, well maybe last month, why don’t you make a quilt for Cel.  She is his cousin and she is having a hard time with her MS.  I said great idea, why didn’t I think of that earlier.  So I went to see what pre-cuts I had that would work.

Here is what I picked before we headed out for vacation.

I had bought this online when someone had a deal.  Wasn’t really sure what I would use them for but I love a layer cake!!  Just add white, right?

Here were my choices after I made the HSTs (of course HSTs) my favorite.  They are so versatile.


I went with the diamonds. My squares were 6 1/2, which I thought was too big for the first choice ( can’t remember what that is called).

Headed down to Shipshewanna to buy some backing.  Came home with this for the back.

First things first, what was I thinking.  I like the fabric but it doesn’t really work.  Second what made me think 3 yards was enough. It wasn’t.  So let’s figure out a Plan B.

Last week my sister and I did a little shop hop in West Michigan.  I came home with some wide Robert Kaufman for backing.  I guess I’m pulling that out today.  This will be my Plan B.

Today I hope to get it quilted then I need to figure out my binding.  You ask how am I going to quilt it, you are right is you said straight lines.  Sometime in the future I will try FMQ, just not today.

Another dilema for another day.

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The Cookie Exchange is completed.  This was my April One Monthly Goal.  I started this quilt with one layer cake and one Frivoli tin.  I didn’t mean to  buy two of the same fabric, but sometimes that happens.

The Frivoli fabric was 42 squares of 7 x 7.  Of course the layer cake is 42 squares of 10 x 10.  My simple mind came up with a great plan, cut the layer cake to 7 x 7.  Sewed them up and thought I needed it a bit bigger.  So I added piano keys.  It makes me feel so “experienced” to say piano keys, rather than add fabric to the edges.

But I did think ahead on the piano keys and adjusted my seam allowance to keep them all the same, rather than cutting the end pieces to fit the quilt.  I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of that ahead of time.  Ahead of time means before I finished them all, no I thought of it on the second set.

This quilt measures 64 x 64, nice size for hubby and me to use.  This one is staying at my house.  So far it is staying here.


I decided to quilt in a cross hatch pattern on the blocks of the quilt.  Once I started what was I thinking.  It took forever.  But I do like how it turned out.  Then I quilted the piano keys edge to edge, which made nice cross hatches on the corner blocks.

I had read somewhere that someone ironed their binding flat and then over.  I thought I would give it a try, since I am working to improve my binding.  It only took about 15 minutes to iron.  The corners really laid nice after the ironing.  Once I sewed the binding I think it turned out nice, especially the corners.  I think with the ironing process I may be able to make my binding thinner.  May try to start with 2.25 wide binding next time.










What do you think?







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Just a quick post today.  I am binding my April One Monthly Goal today.



I remember reading somewhere on the net about ironing your binding.  Of course, I can’t find it now.

If I remember right after it is sewn on they pressed it twice.  Once to the side and then once over the back.  I’m gonna try this process to see how it works.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my binding.

Anyone else iron their binding that many times?