I started my third Sew Together Bag last week.

I purchased this fabric from Hawthorne Threads  

Before I started to piece the bag together, I reviewed the step by step instructions from Amber over at Studioarblog.  She has so many great pictures and breaks the bag down into 5 days, so nothing feels overwhelming.

For those of you that aren’t trying this bag because of the zippers, take it from a beginner.  The zippers weren’t bad.  Amber’s step by step instructions make the a breeze.

Here are the links from my first bags, First Bag and Second Bag.

Putting the bag together wasn’t a problem.  The zippers went in with no problems too.

I ran into problems with the binding.  It was a pain.  I had skipped stitches all over the place.  I know that it is a lot of fabric to go through, but it was more than frustrating.

Good thing this was my third bag.  If it had been my first, it may also have been my last.

I tried new needle, re-threading, new thread, refill the bobbin, walking foot, no walking foot.  I think I tried it all.  Finally, I got it done.  A few minor skipped stitches, but it is done.

So don’t look too close, but here it is.

I think I’ll be putting this pattern away for awhile, but don’t fear the zippers.

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It was time for a easy, no thought quilt.  I had sinus surgery last week and was just lounging around.  It was time to get sewing.  But I didn’t want anything that I had to think too much about.  So I picked from my stash a Jelly Roll, Pixie Strips Basically Patrick by http://rjrfabrics.com/

I decided to use PaintPots pattern, by Amy Ellis.  I picked out my 21 strips for a baby quilt, which should finish at 52 x 60.

So I am off to cut and put together my blocks.Using a jelly roll sure makes the cutting easy and quick.

So once I have my cutting done, I start to put the blocks together.  After sewing 2 blocks, I decide to check the size of each.  Of course, they aren’t 6 1/2 inches.  Surprise, NOT.  So I ripped them out and adjust my needle on the machine.  Try again.  Not, still not 6 1/2.  After a few attempts to correct and get to my 6 1/2 inch block, I make a decision.

The blocks will be 6 inches square.  Not sure where my problem is.  Is it the cutting?  Is it the pressing?  Is it the scant 1/4″ seam?  Not sure and not going to worry about it now.

So I continue to put together the blocks and lay them out into rows.  Cut my sashing and sew together the rows and we have a finished quilt top.

I need to find backing and I don’t have any at home.  So next week, my sister and I are making a day trip to Shipshewanna to browse the fabric stores.  You know what browsing means.  

So if you have any suggestions of where to not miss in Shipshewanna, let me know.

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Last month I started following Red Letter Quilts and saw her OMG, One Monthly Goal. I saw this as a way to write down one goal and then complete it. Kind of hold me accountable to getting things done. It worked. Here was my September bag.

So for October, with the holidays coming, my OMG for October is 2 (I know it is One Monthly Goal, but I want to get 2 done).

Here are my fabrics for these two bags.

So I am off, kinda of.  I must confess I already finished the first bag OMG Bag for October.  

Ready to get to my second bag for October.

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Kat at   Kat & Cat Quilts does a blocks each month for Covered in Love   This month looked very cute, but I don’t really have a lot of scraps.  So I went on the hunt and found enough to do 8 blocks.  Although there isn’t a lot of variety on the blocks, I am hoping they will go with other blocks she is receiving and make some beautiful quilts.

Thanks for doing this Kat.  The blocks are in the mail.


I am on a mission to make additional Sew Together Bag for Christmas gifts.  Here is a link to the first one, Project #20.  It turned out so cute, although there were several challenges.

This fat quarter bundle has been sitting in my drawer for awhile.  I bought it through Massdrop.  It was my first purchase from there.  At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the fabric, but know that I’ve untied the bundle, it is beautiful and so soft.  Love it.

Freshly Made by Camelotfabrics.com

I picked these fabrics for this bag.

Knowing that I was going to make some more bags, I ordered zippers from Zipit on Etsy.  They were quick to ship and I got to pick the colors I wanted in my bundle.

Here is my bag about half done.  I even remembered to label it.  I used 2 shades of pink zippers and a yellow on the inside pockets.

And Pink for the outside zipper.

I turned out pretty cute.  I am still binding challenged.  It will take a lot more practice to get the binding right on these bags.  But I am going to keep on trying.

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