As most of you know, I started quilting about 2 years ago.  Very basic patterns and sending out my first few quilts to a longarmer.  I grew past the longarmer or as you could say my pocketbook said if you want to keep making quilts at this pace, you better figure out how to do this quilting yourself.

On to my quilty friends.  I was “chosen” to be part of the 2017 New Quilt Blogger Hop and we started in April 2017.  I met some wonderful folks through that group.  One dear lady, Something Rose Made, and I had similar blog learning experiences and quickly became the problem children.

Over the course of time, we commented on each others posts and she had some beautiful scrappy quilts.  I mentioned that I didn’t really have a stash, but one day I would be make some scrappy quilts.

Several weeks ago, Rose asked for my address so she could send me some of her scraps.  I was thrilled.  After she returned from vacation, she send me a box.

AHHHHHH!  Yesterday I received a box of “scraps” by Rose’s definition.  By my definition it was beautiful FQs and many strips and pieces.


The first fabric I bought that was a collection was a jelly roll of by Me and My Sisters Design, Dot Dot Dash.  I have bought every collection by the girls since then.  So I was thrilled to see these FQ’s.  I have no idea and I have a hundred ideas of what I might do.  But we know that making quilting decisions is not quick for me.

Then there are all these wonderful stripes of low volume.  Of course, you guessed it I don’t really have any low volume fabric.

She also included several fun prints and my first Cotton & Steel fabrics.  These may make it to my favorite list.  But I think my favorite fun print is the bowling score sheet print.


There were also a few little projects and a beautiful angel pin that Rose made.  It is beautiful and I need to find the right place at my machine.  Maybe she can keep me on the right track as I continue my quilting fun.

Rose I can’t thank you enough for your kindness.  May your day be full of joy and laughter.


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I have made 3 Sew Together Bags by Sew Demented.  Can we say lots of zippers.  Here are links to My FirstSecond and Third bags.

I have a small group of girlfriends from high school (that was a long time ago, 1974) and we try to get together at least once a year.  It was time for a get together and I always like to take a little something to share, so it was time to make a few more Sew Together Bags.  Only five of us will be getting together this time and we are headed to one of the girls place in Northern Michigan sitting on a great lake (not one of the GREAT Lakes, but still a great lake).

Thankfully I have some zippers in  my stash from Zipit Zippers.  And I my first two bags made are just hanging around the house waiting for a home.  I only need to make two more bags.  Just need to find some fabric that goes with my zippers.

Here is the fabric I ended up using.


Now that I have made a few bags, it doesn’t take to long to get one finished.  I have looked many places for tips on making these bags.  The printed directions are directions and for someone like me (sometimes pattern reading challenged) pictures help.   The Quiilt Barn- Sew Together Bag Sew Along  is the best.  Her pictures and breakdown of each step makes this bag easy.

Here are the finished bags.

I still need to work on my binding sewing by machine.

Here are the four bags that made the trip.

I also brought each a book, The Girls from Ames, it is about a group of girls from Ames and their friendship over 40 years.

We had a great weekend.

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It is late in the month and I hadn’t even started my OMG for July.  So this morning I got started.  Decided on a NoodeHead – Wide Open Zipper Bag

This appeared to be such an easy pattern and my sister had bought some cute fabric, wanting a few bags.  Off I go to do my bags.

She had bought the material when we were down in Shipshewanna, IN last month.  It is very cute and they vendor had added the vinyl to the fabric.



Here is my bag.  It was a bit bulky in the lining, since I lined it with vinyl fabric too.  Too much bulk for the inside seams, along with the interfacing.  Maybe I should have tried without the interfacing.

I am modifying my July OMG from 3 bags to 1.  I need to decide if I want to use the remaining vinyl fabric for bags or thread catchers or something else.

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I had a very slow May in getting things accomplished and June is starting out slow too.  I need to pick up the pace.  Anyone who has followed me knows I like to start and finish a project, before I move to the next one.  I’ll give a little when it is blocks for swaps, charities and bees.  I can squeeze those in with my current project.

Currently, I have three, yes three projects in the works.

I think the last few projects are giving me lessons to learn and not much progress.

First up was Purple Diamonds.


I was loving how this was turning out, until the wash and the seam pop.  

I have been pondering the fix and not wanting to jump in until I have thought it through.  Don’t want to fix one mistake with another.  So this is on hold for now.

Lesson #1 be sure the 1/4″ seam is accurate.  Check both sides of the block.


Second Project is June OMG.

I started to put together some charity baby quilts with the blocks.  First up looks cute until I look at the sides, which don’t match up.  So I am off to do some investigation, which I am sure will involve a seam ripper.


Lesson #2, measure each block after it is completed.  Measure each block after it is ironed.  Measure each block before you put on sashing.  Another words, be sure your block is exact.


Third up is my Bee Hive Lily Pad June block.  It is another paper pieced block.  Blossom Hearts Quilts – Busy Block


I have it completed, but a few of the pieces have loose edges at the seam.  I am thinking that I didn’t sew all the way to the 6 1/2″ edge of the block.  Today I will be correcting that block.

Lesson #3 on paper piecing sew to the outer edge of the block.


In my heart today I would like to start a new project, but my head won’t let me.  I need to get this block done and work on my June OMG, then I can start something new.


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Welcome to the second week of the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. It was great fun seeing the first week of bloggers and their stories. Everyone’s starts are so different, but still there are many similarities. Let’s kick off week number two.

I am Jan, living the retired life in West Michigan.  I am part of Beth’s Hive, she is over at Cooking Up Quilts.  Be sure to visit Yvonne  @Quilting Jet Girl and Leanne @She Can Quilt.  There are giveaways at the host sites, so be sure to stop by and visit their Hive mates too.


Be sure to visit each of my hive mates.  They are introducing themselves and have been working on updating theirs sites in our process.  I have found this is how quilters do it.  Help each other, have fun and enjoy the process, so hop over to each and check them out.

Sarah @9658 Textiles
Yanika @Finding Myself As An Artist
Vanda @Quilt In Piece
Abbie @Sparkle On


I started quilting in mid 2015 and turned to the internet for lessons, ideas and everything in between for quilting. I started out quick making several basic/easy quilts in that first year.

In 2016 I found the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. It was so full of information and inspiration. I was the school girl envious of the cool quilting girls. Then 2017 rolls around and posts show up for applications for the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. I applied and waited. I was just like that school girl, being accepted into the cool girls quilting group, excited for what was ahead. But nervous I wasn’t up for the challenge.

I knew I had to make a lot of changes for my blog to be presentable.  I also knew that I wanted to move from blogger to a self hosted site.  Wow, were there a lot of pieces to make that happen.  I have to admit my secret, I didn’t do it all myself.  I found a template and a company,  Phil at PipDig did most of the work.  Moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress, adding a new template and working with my host company.  It was great.  There were still pieces for me to do, but it made it so much easier to know that the majority of it would not only be done, but done right.

I originally started a blog when we built our house to keep friends and family near and far up to date, as well as a record for me for future needs of what was where under those walls. If you are just dying to see our house build it is HERE.

Once I started quilting I wanted to do the same. Keep track of what I was doing, plans and progress, but I knew I needed to have a better name. I had a constant companion who was always there for me, whether it was sewing, building, walking, anything she was there. Her name became our name, Cocoa Quilts.  We lost her after 14 years this past January, but here she is:

Here are a few of my favorite quilts.  You can see I haven’t strayed too far from basic/simple. I love precuts and bundles, that way I don’t have to be creative with fabric selection. which is not my strong suit. Here are a few of my favorites




This is my first quilt ever.  I can’t believe I picked out the fabrics and used Colorblock by Bijou Lovely for the pattern.  This was before I knew about precuts and collections.  I was so naive.  You can see this quilt HERE.









I made this quilt from a kit for my Aunt’s 90th Birthday and surprised her with a special delivery in Charleston, SC.  The details for this quilt are HERE.  Don’t think I did this quilting, no I sent it out to a longarmer.







I started this quilt with no pattern and a layer cake of Zen Chic Flow.  You can see the details on this quilt HERE.







Questions – I have a few questions for you.

  • What one piece of advise can you give to me as a new quilter?
  • Do you enjoy link up parties?  How many do you think is too many to share on one post?

My Journey

Over the next year I hope to do all, OK maybe most of the following:

  • Improve my photos
  • Learn and Practice FMQ
  • Do more than edge to edge quilting
  • Continue making charity quilts (you can read my odd story of how I started doing charity quilts)

I hope you’ll follow along on my journey.

  • I am adding to my stash, which is very small.
  • I plan to build up my scraps so I can make some scrappy quilts.
  • I will continue in a Quilt Bee, doing charity quilts and swaps.

So follow along on your favorite platform bloglovin, pinterst, facebook, instagram and see what is happening this year.

Don’t forget to visit Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl and Leanne Hands 2 Help for those giveaways.