It is late in the month and I hadn’t even started my OMG for July.  So this morning I got started.  Decided on a NoodeHead – Wide Open Zipper Bag

This appeared to be such an easy pattern and my sister had bought some cute fabric, wanting a few bags.  Off I go to do my bags.

She had bought the material when we were down in Shipshewanna, IN last month.  It is very cute and they vendor had added the vinyl to the fabric.



Here is my bag.  It was a bit bulky in the lining, since I lined it with vinyl fabric too.  Too much bulk for the inside seams, along with the interfacing.  Maybe I should have tried without the interfacing.

I am modifying my July OMG from 3 bags to 1.  I need to decide if I want to use the remaining vinyl fabric for bags or thread catchers or something else.

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July has flown by, I started All In Good Time back in June and finished it earlier this month.  Thought I would get back to updating my projects on the blog.



I used Kate Spain Early Bird and love how it turned out.

The only thing I changed on the pattern was the piano key corners.  I wasn’t crazy about trying to do the mitered corners, so I changed up to blocks the same as the borders.


Went with my favorite striped binding.


I think I am getting better at this machine binding thing!!!  Here’s how this one looked.  Thinking if I change to 2 1/4 stripes for my binding it may be great!


I am off to start my July One Monthly Goal.  I know I realize it is the 26th of July.  Thankfully my July OMG isn’t too tough.


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I finished this quilt last month, but never posted, so here it is.

It was started in May, Purple Diamonds.  I had a few popped seams that are now fixed, so here is the finish.

In the beginning I wasn’t that crazy about the fabric.  It was one of those great buys, but not sure what I was going to do with the layer cake.  Of course for me HSTs when I want a quick quilt and not to much thinking.

I love how the back came out with the simple straight line quilting.  It was my first time using variegated thread and I like it.


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Back in May I started and finished a quilt, Purple in Process.  It was my 36th quilt, since I started quilting in August, 2015.

Houston, we have a problem.  A bad seam.  So I slowly headed off to find a solution.



My options were:

1 – Scrap the project – after about 2 seconds of thought, no that was not an option.

2 – Karen Martin suggested

  • I would use a toothpick to add some Fray Check to the edge of the fabric and when dry, carefully turn under the edge and stitch by hand. If all else fails, I have been know to pick out an entire piece, quilting and all, replacing it by hand and then re-quilting that area. In fact, I just did that to repair a tear in one of my quilts. It’s not fun, but once it’s all done, your will be happy you fixed it!
  • That “seamed” like the best solution, but I wasn’t confident enough to tear out one block and get one back in.  I saved this as my last chance fix.

3 – Ann D suggested

  • Sometimes I’ll cut a little strip of fusible web and use that to iron under the seam allowance, then stitch down by hand or machine. I’ve got a quilt I made for myself that does that periodically (lots of homespuns in it). I just trim the fraying, then satin stitch the seam. It shows on the back, but I don’t mind. When it does matter, I hand sew it. The fray-check option works too.
  • I thought this might be my answer

4 – Several suggested

  • Hand stitch the seam together.
  • I liked this solution, but the fabric had frayed so much that there wasn’t enough to sew to.

I ordered Steam A Seam 2.


Once it came, I cut a small piece, just under 1/2″ and placed it under both the white and the green fabric.  Gave it a hot press and it didn’t look too bad.  Then I stitched the seam together.

Now we know why I don’t hand sew.  Can we say uneven stitches, messy!!!  Yikes.

So this quilt will not be a gift for anyone.  I will now be in my stash of quilts.  I am ok with that, it is kind of one of my favorites now.

Love how the quilting on the back turned out with the diamonds and the variegated thread.


Trust me it is very cute.