I chose to make On a “Jelly” Roll baby quilt for 2017 National Jelly Roll day.



I had a junior jelly roll of Simply Colorful II for Moda by V and Co.

I cut the pieces and put some together before Saturday’s National Jelly Roll Day.


With leftovers from the jelly roll and some solid Moda I had in my stash, I pieced a back together.

I think it turned out cute.  Give this quilt a twofer, two quilts in one sandwich.



I used my new favorite stitch, wavy, in a crosshatch to quilt and went with my usual white thread.

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Last fall I really enjoyed the Blogger Quilt Festival, so when I got the notice Amy’s Creative Side – Bloggers Quilt Festival  for Fall 2017 was starting, I was thrilled.  I love to look at the quilts that have been made by others throughout 2017.  I have found several new bloggers to start to follow.


I thought about what to submit and decided on my Cookie Exchange.  I started and finished this quilt in April of this year.  This was one of those fabrics I must have really liked.  I had bought a layer cake and a frivol tin of The Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater for Moda.  I came up with the pattern to use the majority of the fabric and measures 64″ x 64″.

I had a bit of fabric left and used it to piece a back, along with buying some of the Concrete All Wrapped Up yardage at Fat Quarter Shop.

This was my first try at crosshatch quilting on my Janome.  I even ventured into a red thread, not white!!  I enjoyed it, other than the sore butt from sitting.


If you are stopping by from Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Fall 2017 Festival, thanks for stopping.  I look forward to seeing more of each of you posting at Amy’s site.

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I read about Moda’s National Jelly Roll day a few weeks back and decided it was a good reason to make another quilt.  I have jelly rolls and I had patterns, pinterest had patterns, everyone had patterns.  The hard part was deciding which roll and which pattern.

I decided on a junior jelly roll by Moda, Simply Colorful II.  Here is the top together.  Not sure that I really like this print for this pattern, but it is a top now.  So we will quilt it up and put it to good use.
Ok, I cheated.  I cut the fabric and did some piecing on Friday.  I also put together a backing with some leftover strips.
So I was able to press and get my sandwich together Saturday and started some of the quilting.  Hope to have the rest done today.  So I am calling it Jelly Roll Weekend.
Hope everyone had fun sewing this weekend.

As most of you know, I started quilting about 2 years ago.  Very basic patterns and sending out my first few quilts to a longarmer.  I grew past the longarmer or as you could say my pocketbook said if you want to keep making quilts at this pace, you better figure out how to do this quilting yourself.

On to my quilty friends.  I was “chosen” to be part of the 2017 New Quilt Blogger Hop and we started in April 2017.  I met some wonderful folks through that group.  One dear lady, Something Rose Made, and I had similar blog learning experiences and quickly became the problem children.

Over the course of time, we commented on each others posts and she had some beautiful scrappy quilts.  I mentioned that I didn’t really have a stash, but one day I would be make some scrappy quilts.

Several weeks ago, Rose asked for my address so she could send me some of her scraps.  I was thrilled.  After she returned from vacation, she send me a box.

AHHHHHH!  Yesterday I received a box of “scraps” by Rose’s definition.  By my definition it was beautiful FQs and many strips and pieces.


The first fabric I bought that was a collection was a jelly roll of by Me and My Sisters Design, Dot Dot Dash.  I have bought every collection by the girls since then.  So I was thrilled to see these FQ’s.  I have no idea and I have a hundred ideas of what I might do.  But we know that making quilting decisions is not quick for me.

Then there are all these wonderful stripes of low volume.  Of course, you guessed it I don’t really have any low volume fabric.

She also included several fun prints and my first Cotton & Steel fabrics.  These may make it to my favorite list.  But I think my favorite fun print is the bowling score sheet print.


There were also a few little projects and a beautiful angel pin that Rose made.  It is beautiful and I need to find the right place at my machine.  Maybe she can keep me on the right track as I continue my quilting fun.

Rose I can’t thank you enough for your kindness.  May your day be full of joy and laughter.


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Here in Michigan we are really getting mid to late October weather.  I am not turning on the furnace yet, it is too soon.  I just need to keep moving to keep things warm.

Here are a few things I’ve been working on:

My September Queen’s block choice, Blossom Heart Quilts – Bee Hive Checker block.  It really worked up quick, even when I had to tear it apart because I had the lower right HST the wrong way.  But it is now done and in the mail.



I’m moving along rather nicely on my September OMG of making one block a day for #bluerkblocks.  As of yesterday I have 24 completed.  Not bad for the first week.


For those of you that have read much of my posts, I don’t normally have more than one project going at a time.  But this month is not the norm.  Here is a Christmas quilt I started and hope to have finished this month too.  I am repeating my last Christmas quilt, Cookie Exchange pattern.  This will be Quilt #41, since I started quilting two years ago.

But wait, let’s add another new quilt into the pile.  Project Jelly Roll Day next Saturday, September 16.  I have a few jelly rolls:

Now I just need to decide on a pattern and pick a roll.

Are you sewing on Jelly Roll day?  What pattern are you using?  Which jelly roll are you picking?


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