In January I started the Totally Triangle Quilt Along.  It was hosted by Sheila at Mystery Quilter

Anyone who has looked at my post knows the only triangles I do are HSTs.  This was a real stretch for me.

Twenty-five blocks done.  We did triangles, half hexagons, parallelograms, diamonds, hexagons and jewels.

All the blocks were made with a Creative Grids 60-degree Equilater Triangle Ruler.  Each block was very easy if you followed the instructions.  There were a few seams ripped out, but I took my time and worked through each block.

Now it was time to put them together into a quilt.  At this point, I wasn’t crazy about the white and grays mixed up.  I decided that it would be two quilts, of course much smaller than the pattern.  Just the right size for Project Linus.

Here is the first quilt, #37.  Surprise, Surprise it is straight line quilted, edge to edge.  And with grey and white stripe binding.  Once done and washed, I really really like this quilt.  I used a leftover piece for backing.


Here is the second quilt, #38.  I had ran out of the gray for sashing, so went without the sashing.  It give a totally different look and feel.  I had a scrap left of some colorful fabric I used for backing.  But here are more straight lines, edge to edge.


I am glad to have completed my June OMG and will be linking up with Elm Street Quilts – OMG.

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I gave my self permission to start a new project, even though I have one quilt still needing a fix.

I am a pre-cut girl.  I love my Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes.  Currently, I have 2 Jelly Rolls and 7 Layer Cakes.  I decided a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop, All In Good Time.

I had to run to my local quilt shop to buy some thread for another project.  It is a very small shop and the girl was helping a woman with fabric for a QOV quilt.  So I just waited until they were done to pay for my thread.  Of course, to pass the time, I looked at the fabrics.  For a small shop they really have a nice variety of pre-cuts.  I guess I was meant to buy another layer cake.  I should learn it is dangerous to look at cakes, fabric or sweet.  They both stick with you.

Picked up a layer cake of Kate Spain Aria.  It is so springy looking.

Time for cutting the layer cake and putting it back together.


I have my hourglass blocks together now it is time to lay them out.



In my last post, June Happenings or Not I said I had finished my June Queen’s block.

I thought it turned out pretty good.  So I posted it in our facebook group and found out I put it together wrong.  So it was time for a bit of ripping.

Here is how it is suppose to look.



I was so careful to read the pattern and the notes that were in the group on what the Queen wanted.  There were conflicting directions for the layout of this block, so was glad to have an easy fix to get it right.  It turned out cute finally.

Not sure how crazy I am for paper piecing, but maybe in time it will grow on me.

Now I only have my Purple In Process to fix.  So I think I can start a new project.  Can you tell I am putting off trying to fix my split seam.


I had a very slow May in getting things accomplished and June is starting out slow too.  I need to pick up the pace.  Anyone who has followed me knows I like to start and finish a project, before I move to the next one.  I’ll give a little when it is blocks for swaps, charities and bees.  I can squeeze those in with my current project.

Currently, I have three, yes three projects in the works.

I think the last few projects are giving me lessons to learn and not much progress.

First up was Purple Diamonds.


I was loving how this was turning out, until the wash and the seam pop.  

I have been pondering the fix and not wanting to jump in until I have thought it through.  Don’t want to fix one mistake with another.  So this is on hold for now.

Lesson #1 be sure the 1/4″ seam is accurate.  Check both sides of the block.


Second Project is June OMG.

I started to put together some charity baby quilts with the blocks.  First up looks cute until I look at the sides, which don’t match up.  So I am off to do some investigation, which I am sure will involve a seam ripper.


Lesson #2, measure each block after it is completed.  Measure each block after it is ironed.  Measure each block before you put on sashing.  Another words, be sure your block is exact.


Third up is my Bee Hive Lily Pad June block.  It is another paper pieced block.  Blossom Hearts Quilts – Busy Block


I have it completed, but a few of the pieces have loose edges at the seam.  I am thinking that I didn’t sew all the way to the 6 1/2″ edge of the block.  Today I will be correcting that block.

Lesson #3 on paper piecing sew to the outer edge of the block.


In my heart today I would like to start a new project, but my head won’t let me.  I need to get this block done and work on my June OMG, then I can start something new.


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I was on vacation for the May Goal Setting so didn’t have an official goal.   My June OMG is to put together the top or tops of the  Here are my 25 blocks.

You can tell by my choice of colors that I wasn’t thinking ahead.  I had planned on using the grey for the sashing.  I decided that wouldn’t look to good with the grey blocks, they would look a bit lost.

I think I have decided to make two quilts, maybe for Project Linus.  One with the darks and white sashing and a second with the lights with grey sashing.  I get them to a good size, I may need to make a few more triangles.

This is my June Monthly Goal.

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