Totally forgot to put anything on my latest quilt here. The pattern is Moda Bake Shop Interwoven by Material Girl Quilts.  I was looking for something quick and easy and stumbled on Interwoven in my Pinterest holdings.  Isn’t it amazing how many places and how many ideas we have stored for future projects.

Didn’t need to buy anything for this quilt, just needed to get busy.  Did I read the pattern all the way through first.  No.

Pattern calls for trimming the print charms to 5″ x 4 1/2″, then halving them to 4 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.  After I started doing this, I thought I should have just left them at 5″.  It would have been a bigger quilt.  But I kept going and here are the finished pieces.  They are pretty cute!  I love Me & My Sisters fabrics, having used many of them in the past, here are their links  Rainy Days  Grow Dot Dot Dash More Dot Dot Dash I think I like their collections so much, because it is the first real collection I bought.

Here is the completed top.

Remember earlier when I said I should have just left the charms at 5″,  not trimming them to 4.5″.  If  you follow the pattern, which I did, you can use a 44″ fabric for the backing.  Great move.  So now it was time to get some quilting done.

Anyone who has checked out any of my quilts before is saying now “how is she going to edge to edge straight line quilt this one”.  Surprise I’m not doing straight line.  Still doing edge to edge and using my walking foot but using a wavy line.  I don’t know if this qualifies for stepping out side of my comfort box, maybe just stepping on the line with my toes over the edge.

I think the wavy lines are adorable and add a little more cush!

What do you think, do the waving lines take me out of my comfort box or just on the edge?

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It is hard to believe that it is already August.  Time sure flies as we get older.  As I decide what will be my goal for August, it is kind of tough to pick just one project.  I hope you are all sitting down, I don’t have any works in process. All my projects are done.

I went through the patterns I would like to do and thought I should use some of those beautiful FQs sitting in my drawers and came up with this little bundle.


I say this loosely that I came up with this bundle.  I don’t know how to pull fabric to make a beautiful quilt.  I buy bundles and collections.  This is Kate Spain, Canyon, but I added the purply pink material.

Here are the projects I’ve done so far with the Kate Spain, Quilt #14 done and OMG November.  You can tell by both of these quilts are basic HST.  I am stepping out of the box with this pattern, Sailors Star by My Quilt Infatuation.

I will be doing the lap size.  I bought it last year and have been holding it, so why not bring it out of hiding and get a move on.


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A Merry Quilt-A-Long is coming your way tomorrow.  It all starts tomorrow.

Do you love trying new things and learning new techniques? Do you want to meet some new quilty friends? Would you like to finish a Christmas quilt BEFORE Christmas?  Consider joining or following along in the I Wish You a Merry Quilt-A-Long.  I had planned on being one of the hosts for this QAL, but life got in the way.  Hate when that happens.  But I will be following along and doing blocks when I can.
The quilt-a-long (QAL) starts August 1st. Every other Tuesday, a new FREE 12″ quilt block pattern and tutorial will be released. If you complete the block before the next pattern release, then you will be entered to win some AMAZING prizes! There are bi-weekly prizes and a mega grand prize too!  
Don’t forget to join the I Wish You a Merry Quilt-A-Long Facebook Group to join the party! Designers will post links to the tutorials there, so that is your best way to not miss a single post! You can also ask questions and post pictures of your blocks as you complete them to be entered to win the prizes!
All the bloggers participating in the QAL met through the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. There are 11 bloggers that have designed blocks. They are:
Kathleen at Kathleen McMusing  
Laura at Slice of Pi Quilts 
Vanda at Quilt in Piece
In addition, there are quilt-a-long hosts who will be sewing along and making every block too! They will share tips and tricks for each block, plus you’ll get to see the same block in many different fabrics! These bloggers will be there every step of the way to encourage you to finish the quilt too!
Abbie at Sparkle On
Becca at Pretty Piney
Laura at Slice of Pi Quilts 
Vanda at Quilt in Piece
Still have questions? I’ve got answers!
  • Do I have to make every block? No! This is laid back and meant to be fun! Make the ones you want! You will be eligible to win the bi-weekly prize for each block you complete.
  • Is this for experienced quilters only? No! The quilt-a-long is for everybody! Every block is unique and uses various techniques. That’s why we started a Facebook group – so we can all help each other be successful! Whether you’re new or seasoned, I’m sure you’ll find this an exciting and fun experience!
  • Can I see the blocks beforehand? Nope! We are only releasing one block at a time. I know, I know. I’m a control freak too! Trust me, it will be worth it though!
  • Who can participate? Anyone, anywhere….
  • Can I still participate if I’m not on Facebook? Absolutely! If you’re on Instagram, use #iwishyouamerryqal to be entered to win. Each designer will also have a linky party on their block post so you can link up blog posts or Flickr photos. If you want to sew along, we will find a way!
  • What are the prizes? There are so many! It’s best to keep an eye on the Facebook group, as we will begin sharing the prizes there soon! Just some of the prizes include patterns, batting and products from The Warm Co., thread from Aurifil, a gift certificate to The Fat Quarter Shop, signed quilt books, precuts, and much more! You won’t want to miss a single week!
  • How much fabric do I need?  This is hard to say but a 1/2-1 yard of a few Christmas fabrics will do.  I would include a light and a dark and then maybe two shades of green and red or teal and red.  This is always a good start for a sampler and if you need more you can always add in fat quarters as you go.   If you are thinking of a quilt, I suggest 1 yard for sashing and 1 yard for a border. To finish the quilt, you will need 4 yards for backing (or 2 yards of extra-wide backing), a twin size batting, and 1/2 yard for binding.  


I have made 3 Sew Together Bags by Sew Demented.  Can we say lots of zippers.  Here are links to My FirstSecond and Third bags.

I have a small group of girlfriends from high school (that was a long time ago, 1974) and we try to get together at least once a year.  It was time for a get together and I always like to take a little something to share, so it was time to make a few more Sew Together Bags.  Only five of us will be getting together this time and we are headed to one of the girls place in Northern Michigan sitting on a great lake (not one of the GREAT Lakes, but still a great lake).

Thankfully I have some zippers in  my stash from Zipit Zippers.  And I my first two bags made are just hanging around the house waiting for a home.  I only need to make two more bags.  Just need to find some fabric that goes with my zippers.

Here is the fabric I ended up using.


Now that I have made a few bags, it doesn’t take to long to get one finished.  I have looked many places for tips on making these bags.  The printed directions are directions and for someone like me (sometimes pattern reading challenged) pictures help.   The Quiilt Barn- Sew Together Bag Sew Along  is the best.  Her pictures and breakdown of each step makes this bag easy.

Here are the finished bags.

I still need to work on my binding sewing by machine.

Here are the four bags that made the trip.

I also brought each a book, The Girls from Ames, it is about a group of girls from Ames and their friendship over 40 years.

We had a great weekend.

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It is late in the month and I hadn’t even started my OMG for July.  So this morning I got started.  Decided on a NoodeHead – Wide Open Zipper Bag

This appeared to be such an easy pattern and my sister had bought some cute fabric, wanting a few bags.  Off I go to do my bags.

She had bought the material when we were down in Shipshewanna, IN last month.  It is very cute and they vendor had added the vinyl to the fabric.



Here is my bag.  It was a bit bulky in the lining, since I lined it with vinyl fabric too.  Too much bulk for the inside seams, along with the interfacing.  Maybe I should have tried without the interfacing.

I am modifying my July OMG from 3 bags to 1.  I need to decide if I want to use the remaining vinyl fabric for bags or thread catchers or something else.

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