Wanted to do a quilt for my Aunt’s 90th Birthday this summer.  So I found this quilt Kona Cotton Cozy Throw kit and ordered.  It came so quick from Craftsy, it was my first purchase from them.

Once I got the kit, I did my cutting, which went very quick.  Then I headed into the piecing the strips and cutting them into the blocks.  It was so easy, fun and quick.

Once I put them blocks together, then it was time to put the sashing on.

I took me a few days to put together the top, then it was quite a bit of time before I got in gear to find some backing.  Went over the weekend and bought backing at a small local shop Pressing Matters.

I got a Moda Flow Apple Egeria.  It is very cute, bright and soft.

Time to make a sandwich.

Got my sandwich done, now I need to give Alice a call to get this quilt on her schedule.

Wow I’ve really planned ahead.  Don’t need this one until August, but I know that Alice has a big job  coming up so want to get on her schedule.  


So the first Dot Dot Dash Jelly Roll Quilt was a hit.  Preslie (the owner of the first quilt) had a visit from her Aunt Stefani and new niece, Emory.  They both like the quilt.  I already had plans to make a quilt for Emory’s first birthday.  So I thought it would be great to use the same fabric.

I decided on the Jelly Roll Jam II.  So it was very quick to put together and I decided to use the remaining strips of the roll to do a back also.

So I have them put together and pinned.  Here’s the front

And here’s the back.

So need to give Alice a call, AMS Quilting


So now I’m looking for something else to do.  Wait I have that Moda Dot Dot Dash Jelly Roll.

So I am look for some quick things to do with the Jelly Roll and decide on a quick strip pattern.  Even this beginner can’t goof that up.

So then I decide what I’ll be doing with it once it’s completed.  I decide to give it to my niece Preslie, who lives in Atlanta, and I don’t get to see her enough.  Her 14th birthday is just after Christmas.

After I unroll the fabric it is all so cute and now I have to decide how to lay out the rows.  I lay out a few choices and decide with a bit of help from my sister.

Good thing I have a big counter in my kitchen otherwise I’d be on the floor. These were are final two choices.

Once we decided I got to sewing.  It goes very quick.  Remember I said even this beginner couldn’t goof this up.  Well I was wrong.  My 1/4″ seam allowance must not be consistently accurate.  Once I added all the rows, I folded it in half to cut off the selvage edges.  Well it wasn’t square at all.  I then squared it up and didn’t worry about  my seam allowance.  I lost about 5 inches off the width doing the square up.  But that’s ok.  Live and learn.  Need more practice on my consistency of seam allowances.

Take it off to Alice and let her know that I need it just after Christmas.  She love the fabric, so much that she ordered a jelly roll for herself.

After waiting for the call, it is done.  Here it is!

I picked a simple white flannel for the backing.  It is soft and shows the quilting, but next time I might do a color for the backing.  Oh well we learn with each one.  Alice and I forgot to talk about the binding, she chose a purple and it looks great.

I sent it off to my niece, who didn’t know I was making it for her.  She received it on her birthday and was very happy.  I sent it with a note, when she needs a hug just wrap this around her and know it is a hug from me.

Ok, I think I’m hooked.  Onto another project.


While I was  waiting for Alice to call me on my Quilt #1 to be quilted and bound, I start on #2.  I start to cutting, then piece together.  I’m still using my old stand by Kenmore machine, it is great for the piecing.

It goes so quick, I finish the top in a day.

Alice calls me just after Christmas and had a few questions for the quilting.  She ran into an issue because my initial cutting of strips was a bit off in one section.  And we also didn’t decide what to use for the binding.  I decided to pay her a visit and also to take some leftover fabric from the top for the binding.

We, I mean she, came with a great solution for my miscutting.  Just make the border a bit thinner.

Alice planned to get work on the quilting and binding that evening.  Did I mention that she hand binds.  It was beautiful on the first quilt, so I had not worries on this one.

She calls and I head over to pick up my second quilt.  This one is for me.  Here it is:

I love it.  Bright colors and white sashing I think is my favorite.  Love the green with white dot for the binding.  Alice at makes me very happy.  What do you think!