Well we went to the Morel Mushroom Festival for the weekend, so no progress happened on my latest quilt.  It was rainy, snowy, windy and cold off the lake and no mushrooms were found.  I’m not a mushroom fan, but would have like to have picked some for DH.

Last week, before we headed out, I pieced the strips and cut into 10″ blocks.  

Then I made my HSTs and layed the top out.

Sewed the rows yesterday and today is ironing and sewing the rows together.  Then I’ll have a top done and need to think about what backing and binding to use.  So I’m off to get busy.


Ok, I have been able to get a lot of quilting in this week.  It isn’t the norm, Hubby has been gone all week and coming home tomorrow.  So then I’ll be back to less quilting time.

So before he gets home, I’m starting my eleventh quilt.  I saw the Cutting Corners featured on Missouri Star Quilting Youtube channel and since I love HSTs, decided this would be #11.

I am using Grow.

So off to do some ironing and sewing.  See how far I can get tonight.

Happy Friday everyone.


I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas quilt for myself and I found a charm pack on special a month or so ago, so Christmas quilt it is.
I pinned this quilt sometime ago from Helen Philipps Blog.  I liked the simple square and loved the quilting.  Since I am such a beginner, I though this would be a simple quilt to try.

I am using Michael Miller All The Trimmings and Bella Solids in Snow

Here it is all pieced and ironed.  I’m going to add a border, but don’t have the right fabric.  I hate to not finish, before I go onto my next project, but the Christmas fabrics aren’t really out in the stores I’ve been to.  Hopefully this summer I will find the right border and backing.

Until then, I’m off to check out my fabric box and find my next project.


So thanks to the rainy cold day yesterday I quilted all day and here is my finished quilt.

I think it turned out quite nice.  This was my first time binding with the backing fabric.  It was much easier for me than using separate binding.  I haven’t mastered binding yet on the machine, but some day.

So here are my last two quilts.  I  need to Sarah of Hands2Help for the mailing address.

Well I’m off to decide what quilt to do next……..


While I was hand binding my last quilt, my fingers got tired.  So what else should I do, start another quilt.  I  had bought a charm pack from Parade on Main from MSQC.

I loved the HSTs I used in my toppers and wanted to do a quilt with them.  So I paired this charm White charm pack and off I went.

Once I square up all my blocks, I need to make a decision.  Which pattern to choose.  I like each of them, but not sure which way to go.  So I’ll think about it today and decides once my squaring up is done. 

I plan to add a red border around the front, not sure of how wide yet.  Might then follow up with a small white border, since I’m going to bind with the backing.  Here is the backing, as well as a navy, which I may throw into a border too.

More decisions, I love to use a pattern, then most of the decisions are done for you.  But this isn’t really a pattern, so I’m on my own, which scares me, as I am a newby and don’t really trust my decisions yet.

One day I’ll get there, but for today, I am off on errands and then spending the evening working on this quilt.