Being new to quilting, I spend some time (ok way too much time) browsing the web for quilts, patterns, fabric and lots of other stuff.  So I came across Confessions of a Fabric Addict  and saw some very nice quilts.  She also has been doing for years quilts for charities.  So I signed up for her newsletter.

Well a few days latter I get an email welcoming me Hand 2 Help and thanking me for joining and agreeing to make a quilt.  Whoops!  I did what.

So I had started a quilt and didn’t really have a owner in mind so I decided I would give it a shot.  So here is my quilt so far

 I chose Cool Blueberry Park charm pack by Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufman

 I used the She Quilts Alot layer cake coin pattern.  

Once I had the top and bottom part done, I decided to also add sashing between them, since my piecing didn’t line up correctly.  The sashing is a great hiding tool.

Here is the completed top.  Now on to the backing.

I had some left overs from the layer cake and some plain white and decided on this for the backing.

So here is the backing all done.

Now it was on to doing the sandwich.

I finished up the sandwich and now need to quilt.  I know it will be lines, I just hope and can do them straight.  This will be the first quilt I have quilted on my machine.  I have sent all other quilts out for quilting.  I’ve practiced on the table toppers, but this will be my challenge.

So wish me luck.


So I wanted to try quilting on my machine, rather than always sending things out for quilting.  I’ve wanted to try my hand at triangles too.  So thought I would do them both at the same time.

Now that I have it all pieced I see that it needs to be a bit bigger for my nightstand.

I added sashing to add to the size.  I kind of like it with the sashing.

Pinned up my sandwich, now on to my first quilting.  

It didn’t take too long and it looks great.  I can see a few spots that aren’t quite straight.  But overall first time, looks good.

Then I moved on to the binding.  That wasn’t fun.  I used store bought 2 1/2″ double fold tape.  Sewed it on to the back and folded over.  I attempted to sew the folded over piece on the machine, but that just didn’t work.  I wasn’t always hitting the back tape and it looked messy.  After about 4 iinches, I decided to do it by hand.  It wasn’t too bad to do, although I had sore fingers after.  It worked out great.

Now I’m going to do one more for my dresser top in the bedroom.  Same colors, just going to do bigger traingles.


Wanted to do a quilt for my Aunt’s 90th Birthday this summer.  So I found this quilt Kona Cotton Cozy Throw kit and ordered.  It came so quick from Craftsy, it was my first purchase from them.

Once I got the kit, I did my cutting, which went very quick.  Then I headed into the piecing the strips and cutting them into the blocks.  It was so easy, fun and quick.

Once I put them blocks together, then it was time to put the sashing on.

I took me a few days to put together the top, then it was quite a bit of time before I got in gear to find some backing.  Went over the weekend and bought backing at a small local shop Pressing Matters.

I got a Moda Flow Apple Egeria.  It is very cute, bright and soft.

Time to make a sandwich.

Got my sandwich done, now I need to give Alice a call to get this quilt on her schedule.

Wow I’ve really planned ahead.  Don’t need this one until August, but I know that Alice has a big job  coming up so want to get on her schedule.  


So the first Dot Dot Dash Jelly Roll Quilt was a hit.  Preslie (the owner of the first quilt) had a visit from her Aunt Stefani and new niece, Emory.  They both like the quilt.  I already had plans to make a quilt for Emory’s first birthday.  So I thought it would be great to use the same fabric.

I decided on the Jelly Roll Jam II.  So it was very quick to put together and I decided to use the remaining strips of the roll to do a back also.

So I have them put together and pinned.  Here’s the front

And here’s the back.

So need to give Alice a call, AMS Quilting