My niece graduated with her BS in nursing.  She is a great lady.  Was a single mom in her 30’s and she had always wanted to be a nurse.  So she set her goals and went for them.  All at the same time as raising her son.

She is working at a Detroit hospital on the night shift in the ER.  It is a tough place with lots of action, so no soft nursing work for her.

To show her how proud we are of her, I decided to do a quilt for her.  Her are the fabrics I have

So off to make a plan and get started.  Here is to Lucky #13.


Ok, I know that I’m going backwards in my numbering, but I finally got the backing for my Christmas quilt.

So I was able to put it together and quilt.  This was my first try to do binding on my machine.  It wasn’t too bad.  This was my practice run for binding as I need to do the binding on my Cutting Corners (Quilt #11).  It is a much bigger quilt, so this was my test run.

I think this turned out pretty cute.  I like the double quilting on the squares.  I might use this for the next quilt too.


So I took leftovers (not scraps, scraps are small pieces) from my coin quilt layer cake pack and came up with these pieces.

I had no idea what I was going to do with them after I made them.

So here were a few choices.

I ended up going with the one on the top.  Over the weekend I got the top put together and then moved on yesterday to the back.

Once I had my sandwich done, it was on to quilting.  If you’ve seen my past quilts, I am a straight line girl.


So I ended up with this quilting on the back.  I surprised myself, as I didn’t even think it would look this nice on the back.

Now it was onto binding.

Here is the finished quilt.  I think it turned out pretty good from Leftovers.



Well I send out my two quilts to Covered in Love on Friday.  As a beginning quilter and looking at some of the quilts done, mine are definitely a simple patterns and simple quilting.

Here they are.  The first one is just a basic HST.  Which is becoming my favorite.

And the second one is a coin quilt, using some of the leftovers for the back.

Hoping someone will truly enjoy these, as much as I enjoyed making and sharing them.


So the last few days I’ve been sewing but not getting anything done.

First up I was working on my Cutting Corners quilt and got the top completed.

I live in a small town and not much is here so it is a drive to Joann’s and other stops.  My sister was out so I had her stop and pick up my batting.  I  already have a piece have a piece I was going to use for the backing.

Here is the backing I am going to use.  So I start to put my back together and figure out (should have known) it isn’t big enough.  So I head into town to our Quilt Shop for some white to add to the back. They only have 1 3/4 yards of white in the shop.  I take it.  

While she is cutting the white, I check out the Christmas fabric, because I need some for my Christmas quilt.  I pick up the cute stripe, but when I get home, I don’t like it with the top.  Should have taken the top with me, but didn’t think I would be getting any Christmas fabric. Remember I was only running up to get a piece of white.  

So now I still  need  a backing for this Christmas quilt and I now have some for the stash.  That stash sure does built up fast.

Then I came across this very cute, light and airy fabric from Camelot Fabrics, called The Beach House.  It was so cute, it had to come home with me.  

So now I’m home with nothing to sew.  So I went into my leftovers from Quilt #8 and #11.  I sewed and cut these blocks, now I’m not sure what to do with them.

Well at least I have something to do today.  Ironing and deciding how to lay out for a top.