Today I am going to start my first QAL for 2018.  It is the Home Sewn By Us – Regatta Quilt Along.

The plan is to use the Boundless Jelly Roll, which should make a quilt very similar to the pattern colors.  I have one small challenge, let’s call it an opportunity.

The pattern calls for the same color/fabric for each row.  That would be great if I had two strips of each color.  Some of the colors I have three strips.  So I am planning that some row will be the same color and some will have one color from the row above and one color from the row below.

Anyone who checks on my projects, knows that I don’t like to have many projects going at the same time.  I must confess, I don’t have any works in progress.  I may need to change that up, since sometimes I have the urge to do some sewing but don’t want to pull out a full quilt project.  We’ll see how this goes for 2018.  Maybe I’ll have one or two projects going at a time.

Off to the cutting table, not till after I get my 10,000 steps in for today.

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Happy 2018 to everyone.  We have been seeing lots of snow here since before the holidays, it looks beautiful.  We have about a foot on the ground and another 8-10 inches expected today.  The temperature has been near zero or below most days, but we are having a heat wave today, 10 degrees.



The surgeons, foot and sinus, both say I can get back to walking, so I am starting this year like 2017.  Getting 10,000 steps in before I can sew.  Kind of my reward system.  It worked for half of 2017, then foot issues slowed me down and came to a halt in the fall.  I walked 3,520,738 steps which is 1,612.39 miles in 2017.  Need to up my game for 2018.

Now let’s talk about that sewing.  I wanted to get my Bee Hive blocks done, so New Years Day I started.

The first was for my IG Honey Bees 2018 queen, Mary.  She chose Autumn Chain Block.  It turned out pretty cute.  But wait, I got it in the mail, then Mary messaged me my light and darks HSTs are flipped.  Yuck!!  Ok, I will hold all blocks for a day or two before I mail them.  She is going to flip them, but I think I owe her a bonus block.


Cyndi is the queen in my Stash Bee: Hive 2 group.  She chose Jedi Craft Girl – Sparkle, using navy and pinks.  This should have been as easy block, but I didn’t have any navy.  I headed out in the snow to the LQS and picked up some navy,  a FQ of each piece of navy they had in the store. It was only 4 FQs.   The only other navy they had was civil war prints, no, not for me.  This block has been mailed too.


As I was reading blogs over the holidays, I came across one from Tu-Na Quilts.  She was talking about her Hive blocks for 2017.  She was in two hives and they both seemed to fall apart.  She received 3 of 10 and 5 of 11 blocks from her hives.  I commented and asked if I could make a couple for her.  She was thrilled, but wait she wanted orange.  I had very limited amounts of orange, so she said to send them disassembled, that way she could put them throughout her quilt.  These went out this morning.

I was in a hive last year that was good, but several member weren’t coming back in 2018.  We had tried to get more members, but with the holidays, it didn’t happen.  On January 1, it happened.  We now had a full hive and needed to put things together quick.  I stepped up to be the January queen.  I had planned on searching out a new block and making some samples, but that wasn’t working.  Not sure if you can consider it cheating or being efficient, I decided to use the block I used last year, Blossom Heart Quilts – Homebase.

Now that I have my blocks done for January, it is time to go start my QALs.


Happy New Year again and thanks for following me on my journey of quilting.


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Yvonne at The Quilting Jet Girl is having a linky party for 2018 Plans and Goals.  I put it off long enough, since today is the last day of 2017, I need to get the thoughts out of my head on to paper (ok, not really paper).


Before we can plan for 2018, let’s look at 2017.  These were my goals and my results for each.

1.  Use lots of stash

  • I did a bit of this, but didn’t really have much stash.  So I’m not too worried about not meeting this one.  It probably wasn’t the best goal.

2.  Participate in at least 2 BOMs.

  • I totally forgot about this one.  If we don’t start it, does it count as a failure?

3.  Participate in a few swaps

  • I was in one Bee Hive this year.  I made all blocks, sewing my first curve seams.  Yeah me!
  • Participated in two swaps, receiving some great additions to my stash

4.  Make at least 12 new quilts

  • Success, I made a total of 16 quilts

5.  Learn FMQ and practice!!

  • Yipes another fail.  I didn’t even try this one, but I took a tiny step out of straight line quilting, by using a wavy line.

6.  Continue to work on Charity Blocks and Quilts

  • Completed 9 quilts for charity and many blocks

7.  Post on the blog at least twice a week

  • 66 post completed in 2017.  Not twice a week, but an average barely above once a week.


To review 2017 as a whole, we can’t succeed is we don’t fail.  So I claim to be on the road to success.

Here are my goals for 2018.

1.  Participate in two Bee Hives.

  • Already set up.  I am a March and July Queen.

2.  Participate in two Quilt Alongs.

3.  Make 18 new quilts.

4.  Donate 12 quilts to charity.

5.  Follow my Number 1 Rule in Life.  Always Have Fun.


Those are my goals for 2018.  Go see what every one else is planning at Quilt Jet Girl.





The holidays have begun and the shopping too.  I think Santa has bought me enough for this year, although I don’t think he knows he has.

On Cyber Monday, I had a beautiful FQ bundle of Thrive at Pink Castle Fabric in my cart.  Then I thought, I don’t really need this bundle and unloaded my cart.

Skip forward a couple of days and I had to pass Ann Arbor on my way to Detroit, so I stopped in to Pink Castle Fabric.  Couldn’t resist the bundle and it came home with me.  The colors are some of my favorites and the low volumes are perfect.

Had I just bought them on Cyber Monday, I would have saved because the bundle was on sale, but these additional fabrics wouldn’t have made it home with me.


The Fat Quarter Shop did have some nice things on special and I couldn’t help myself.  I love a good deal and a pre-cut.  So these lovelies also came to my house.

I really don’t have many solids, so these nice spring colors arrived here as well, along with some of these little extras.

My sister has a Bloc Loc – HST and it stays at my house.  When I saw that Bloc Loc had a 25% off, I couldn’t help myself.  Not sure which of these I really needed, but can’t wait to start playing.

I got the Log Cabin, Kite in a Square, Diamond in a Triangle, Half Rectangle, Strip Set and a set of Flying Geese.  Mind you I have never made a log cabin, kite in a square, diamond in a triangle or half rectangle blocks.  Oh the possibilities!!


Thanks to Santa for these great additions to my addiction.

What did you get for yourself over the sales this past week?


I had so many scraps from my Christmas quilt, I decided to use up a few and do a basket.  I used Noodle-Heads – Divided Basket Pattern.  Previously I had made a few of these and they were quick to make.  Of course, those were made with fat quarter pieces.  This one I used 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 scraps, so it took me a bit longer to put together.


I really love this red and gray Christmas fabric.  You can see the quilt here.

What was I thinking when I cut out the lining.  Obviously, I wasn’t thinking.  Of course it was the last piece of this cute red snowflake print.  So off to find something that would work.  Found a gray and it was the winner.

This turned out very cute and a bonus is it fit in the Ikea Expedit cubby.  But I’m not keeping it, it is being gifted with the quilt.

Used my last label, better get my butt in gear and reorder.


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