It is fall, I can’t believe this year is passing so fast.  I follow Jessica @craftycop on Instagram.  This was her post on July 5th.

  • craftycopLONG POST ALERT!
    💙 I spent most of today thinking about NYPD PO Miosotis Familia who was murdered at work in the Bronx, NYC, last night. How can I help? How can I show her family that more than just police officers care about her being killed and are thinking about and praying for her three children and family.
    💙 A blue RK block top, of course! And, yes, there is one on its way to being quilted with blocks made by many of you who swapped RK blocks a short while ago.
    💙 Well, I’m thinking since that top is already spoken for and will be gifted to PO Familia’s family, it’s time to get working on the next one to have on-hand for the inevitable.
    💙 So, if you would like to make and send me a block (or two or more!), I’d love that.
    💙 The four I made took no time at all (and the wonkiness of the bottom left one is proof of that!). I followed @heritage.threads‘ tutorial for a 12″ (finished) block using a range of blues and low to not-so-low volume inner and outer fabrics. If you didn’t swap, Jen’s tutorial is very well written and it’s almost impossible to mess up a block.
    💙 If you’re on board, please feel free to post your own #blueRKblocks and share this call for blue blocks with your fellow quilters who might not follow me. I promise to be diligent about accepting new follow requests for those who want to make blocks too.
    💙 If you need my address, please DM me.
    💙 About when I’ll stop collecting blocks, when they stop arriving, that’s when. The summer is busy, I know, and this is more about having another quilt or two on hand and ready to gift as opposed to needing a finished one by a certain date.
    💙 So, thank you for reading and (drumroll please!) who’s with me?

Here is the pattern, Blue RK Block.  It is a very quick and easy block.  At this point Jessica has enough blocks for over  50 quilts.  She has helpers all over the country who have volunteered to piece tops, quilt and bind.

I made several blocks and sent them.  But I decided that my September goal will be to make one block a day.

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I decided my August OMG would be for a “big girl” quilt.  I would use a pattern with “real blocks”  something I haven’t normally done.  Here is my goal setting post,  August OMG.

Here are a few of the blocks in the beginning.  Once I got moving along, I didn’t take any other pictures until it was finished.  When I first chose the pattern and was putting together the blocks, I really saw the stars.  It wasn’t until I was taking pictures of the finish that I say the circles.  Talk about tunnel vision.


I used the remaining bright fabric for a strip down the backing.  It turned out rather cute, breaking up the plain back.


On my last quilt, I ventured off the straight line walking foot quilting.  Not very far off, but you can see my wavy line Brighten Up.  So I went a bit (small bit) farther from there and did a cross hatch of wavy lines for this quilt.

It shows up much better on the backing piece ( along with a few thread scraps).

It really gave the quilt some easy to add texture.  I just used a wavy stitch with the walking foot and used the edge of the foot for spacing of the lines.  This may be my new favorite for quilting, at least for a bit.

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It has been a bit since I’ve sewn this month, so thought I would give a quick update on the Happenings around here.

We were off on vacation, driving from Michigan to Northern Canada.  Then flew by float plane to a fishing lodge in the middle of nowhere.  This was our ride.  Check out the Amazon Prime package.

Here is our sunrise with the moon on the side.

Fishing was great.  Didn’t see anyone other than the 20 or so people from the lodge all week. Great food, great fishing and great quiet time.

Got home Wednesday and headed yesterday to the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show.  Had to do a bit of shopping.  Not too much, just a few things I had been hunting.  Thread restock, Me & My Sisters and some blues and whites for some Blue RK Blocks   I am a bit late to making these blocks as I didn’t have any stash of blues.  Can you believe that not darker blue stash.  Fixed that and now will be doing some blocks for a sadly needed great cause.

I am also working on getting my August OMG finished.  I have 2 blocks done and many more to go.


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Totally forgot to put anything on my latest quilt here. The pattern is Moda Bake Shop Interwoven by Material Girl Quilts.  I was looking for something quick and easy and stumbled on Interwoven in my Pinterest holdings.  Isn’t it amazing how many places and how many ideas we have stored for future projects.

Didn’t need to buy anything for this quilt, just needed to get busy.  Did I read the pattern all the way through first.  No.

Pattern calls for trimming the print charms to 5″ x 4 1/2″, then halving them to 4 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.  After I started doing this, I thought I should have just left them at 5″.  It would have been a bigger quilt.  But I kept going and here are the finished pieces.  They are pretty cute!  I love Me & My Sisters fabrics, having used many of them in the past, here are their links  Rainy Days  Grow Dot Dot Dash More Dot Dot Dash I think I like their collections so much, because it is the first real collection I bought.

Here is the completed top.

Remember earlier when I said I should have just left the charms at 5″,  not trimming them to 4.5″.  If  you follow the pattern, which I did, you can use a 44″ fabric for the backing.  Great move.  So now it was time to get some quilting done.

Anyone who has checked out any of my quilts before is saying now “how is she going to edge to edge straight line quilt this one”.  Surprise I’m not doing straight line.  Still doing edge to edge and using my walking foot but using a wavy line.  I don’t know if this qualifies for stepping out side of my comfort box, maybe just stepping on the line with my toes over the edge.

I think the wavy lines are adorable and add a little more cush!

What do you think, do the waving lines take me out of my comfort box or just on the edge?

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It is hard to believe that it is already August.  Time sure flies as we get older.  As I decide what will be my goal for August, it is kind of tough to pick just one project.  I hope you are all sitting down, I don’t have any works in process. All my projects are done.

I went through the patterns I would like to do and thought I should use some of those beautiful FQs sitting in my drawers and came up with this little bundle.


I say this loosely that I came up with this bundle.  I don’t know how to pull fabric to make a beautiful quilt.  I buy bundles and collections.  This is Kate Spain, Canyon, but I added the purply pink material.

Here are the projects I’ve done so far with the Kate Spain, Quilt #14 done and OMG November.  You can tell by both of these quilts are basic HST.  I am stepping out of the box with this pattern, Sailors Star by My Quilt Infatuation.

I will be doing the lap size.  I bought it last year and have been holding it, so why not bring it out of hiding and get a move on.


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