November is almost gone, only one month to go before the start of a new year.  Only one more goal for most, I’m scheduled for surgery so not sure that I will be doing much sewing in December, so this is my last quilting goal for 2017.

I started my OMG for November here.

My goal was to bind and quilt.   I got busy early this month, hoping to finish before the holiday.

The backing was  a wide light flannel, which adds some coziness to this quilt.  Straight line quilting and my favorite stripe binding were the winners, ok there really weren’t any others choices in the running, so they were the winner by default.

I was blessed to have a sunny day to snap a few pictures outside.


This was a great quilt to use up some fat quarters that I wanted to show off the prints.  It should have been a rather quick quilt, but I learned that I need to add to my goals for 2018, how to accurately cut fabric.  I am not consistent in using the ruler, is the line suppose to be on the edge of the fabric?  Should the fabric show just over the line?  What are your tips for cutting accuracy?  Do you have a favorite link or online class for cutting accuracy?  Let me know, as I can use some help.

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Sometimes you just want to make a simple project.  2017 was the first time I joined a block swap and I met a lovely lady who was doing NICU quilts with her swap blocks.  Her son was a graduate of NICU so it was personal to her.  I had a couple of quilts that I had made that were smaller sizes so I included them with her block.

Fast forward to the Instagram and the #getyourquiltywishesgranted3.  Hilary had asked for NICU quilts.  I had a few more around that I sent to her, but had that need to make a simple no thought quilt.  So I pulled out a colorful charm pack and a white charms pack and off we go.

Decided to use the Moda Bake Shop, Moda Love Charm Quilt.

Had to hit the local quilt shop, which is small and doesn’t have a large selection for backing and binding.  Found a Grunge, by Moda.  Decided to use it for both the backing and binding.

I had some variegated red/orange/pink thread and used that for the quilting.  You guessed it, walking foot, squiggle line, edge to edge.  I really do like the texture feel this quilting gives.

I was very lucky today we had a sliver of sun this afternoon, after days of dreary cold rain.  Still cold, but is nice to see a bit of sun.


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It’s been a bit since my last post.  I’ve gotten started on a few things, but needed to do a quick no thought something.  Decided on a simple quilt using a charm pack that I got way back on clearance somewhere.  It is All Aboard by Greta Lynn for Benartex.

Here are my rows ready to be pieced.

Forgot to take any pictures before I had it together.  I needed to order some  backing fabric and went with the dark grey train track print.  It is very cute.

Let’s guess how I quilted this one.  You are right, straight lines, but just a few along the seams.

I thought I was lucky enough to have backing fabric leftover for binding.  I been working on improving my bindings and had thought at times I would like to try 2 1/4″  rather than 2 1/2″ binding.  Well this was the day.  I could get the 4 strips I thought I needed by using 2 1/4″.  So off I went sewing my binding on and doing my final connection.

See that little 3/4″ piece on the mat, that was my extra on the binding.  Don’t know what I did right this day, but it worked in my favor.  Didn’t even realize it was going to be that closes.  Yikes!!

Got to finish the binding yesterday and was quite please with the 2 1/4″ .  I machine sew my binding, don’t have enough talent to do hand sewing.  The back looked quite nice, I surprised myself.  The corners gave me a bit of trouble, so that I still need to work on, but with practice I think it will be great!


Here is the cute little quilt all finished.  We even had sunshine to cooperate for a few quick pictures.


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Are you ever in the mood to just do a quick quilt.  I was ready to do some simple sewing.  HSTs are my favorite and if I do say so myself I am pretty good making them and matching the seams.

This quilt pattern caught my eye over the summer.  The big pieces would really show off some great fabric.

My friend Rose at Something Rose Made surprised me with  gift of some of her orphan fabric.  I was thrilled to see some Me & My sisters early fabrics.  Since I’ve only been quilting for a few years, these were very new to me.  These 10 FQs were the chosen ones.

I bet you are all thinking she is going to use white to go with these FQs.  Normally you would be right, but I have a few yards of a Kona Gray, not sure which gray, but it is gray.  Surprise!


Off I go to cut fabric and make HSTs.  Simple right.  Wait a minute, bigger doesn’t really mean quicker.  Is that a question or a statement.

The squares are cut from each fat quarter at 16 7/8.  I don’t have a ruler that big, so I fold the FQ into quarters and cut my square.  Do you think I should measure each block after I cut them?  Probably should  have.


My HSTs look beautiful, too bad they aren’t consistent in size.

So I put the project aside for a bit, contemplating the best way to square each block.  After a few days, I decide to buy a new ruler, a bigger ruler.  My LQS is very small and doesn’t have many notions, so no ruler there.  So onto the net,  I find a 20.5 square ruler $60, oh no too much.  I keep looking and find a 16.5 ruler, Creative Grids no less, for $34.95.  It didn’t take much to convince myself that the 16.5 would be good.  Love Amazon Prime!  Two days it was delivered.

After I trimmed each block to a consistent size I was ready to piece this quilt.  A few of the points got cut off in the trimming, but I moved forward, this quilt will not be perfect.  I really do like the big HSTs.


For anyone that made it to the end of my story, my November OMG is to quilt and bind this quilt.

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It is the end of October,  I can’t believe how fast the time flies.  The month is done and I luckily have my OMG done just in time.  Not much else was accomplished this month.  I wanted to remake Cookie Exchange Quilt in this fabric JOL by  Wenche Wolff Hatling of Northern Quilts for Moda Fabrics.

It really is a quick quilt to put together.  I cut the 10″ layer cake blocks to 7 x 7.  Then cut the 10 x 3 piece into a 7 x 3 and put the 3 x 3 pieces aside.  I was going to use the 7 x 3 pieces for piano key border.  The 3 x 3 are going into my stash.

It didn’t take too much time to put this top together.  I was ready to do the quilting.  Straight lines/cross grid on the body of the quilt.  Straight line on the border with cross grid on the corners of the border.

I never really paid much attention to how much thread was used, as I normally use white.  I know boring.  Red was my color of choice today.  I had to pick up red and thought “I think I’ll get two spools, just in case.”  I decided to wind some bobbins first, starting with six I thought I would be all set.  Wait, I had to wind another six.  Still not done.  I used a total of 15 bobbins.  But it was done.  Good think I thought ahead and bought two spools.  I wasn’t really thinking I would use both spools.  There is about one third of the second spool left.


I decided on using a red for the binding.  Didn’t have anything that would work, so ordered from etsy.  Once I got the fabric, I was ready to roll.  Binding is always my challenge.  I stress over doing a good job on the binding.  I pinned the heck out of this binding and it turned out quite nice.

I am glad to have this quilt finished since it will be a Christmas gift.  It wasn’t a wintery scene for pictures today, but I was thankful the rain has stopped.

I found this super soft, extra wide flannel backing.  It really makes this quilt comfy.

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